Data Backups

Lost your website content? Take advantage of our data backup service

Once posted on the web, your web site content will be unprotected to hack attacks. Alternatively, it could be affected even by your own unintentional actions. Choose us and, there is nothing to worry about, since we always maintain a backup copy of your site content, which will be retrieved at any time. Moreover, you may create manual backups of your entire site with a simple click at the File Manager, which is integrated into the Online Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all website files and will save them in an archive, which will be kept in your account.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–disk–based cloud hosting machines

All our hosting machines boast solid–state drives instead of typical hard drives. Solid–state disks boast much faster read ’n’ write speeds, which implies that your web sites will load significantly quicker. Absolutely no further website modifications are required.

With the perfect Internet connectivity options provided by each of our cloud web hosting Datacenters, your website will start to load significantly faster the moment you turn to our hosting services.

VPN Access

Secure, private website browsing

If, for some reason, you want to mask your digital footprint, we have the perfect option for you. With each of our hosting plans, you’ll be able to have VPN access and have all your incoming and outgoing online traffic re–routed through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you can use the very same VPN configurations on virtually any device that is connected to the web – your desktop PC, your laptop, your telephone, etc..

Web Stats

Web hosting Control Panel–integrated web statistics

From the Online Control Panel, you can both control and keep an eye on your websites. Every single hosting plan includes a bunch of stats user interfaces, which you’ll find in the Web Stats Manager section of your web hosting Control Panel. You’ll be able to use the famous AWStats and Webalizer web statistics tools or make use of our freshly designed thorough statistics software tool, which boasts a user–friendly web analytics GUI. With AB3 WEB, LLC, you’ll see in–depth info about your website’s traffic and visitors right inside your Control Panel.

Web Accelerators

Make your site remarkably fast

With AB3 WEB, LLC, you don’t have to remove code or to clip your web site’s content to make it open faster. Due to the Site Accelerators (Memcached, Node.js and Varnish) located in the Online Control Panel included in every single hosting package, you will be able to make your site load faster than ever – you will be able to make it 10 to 500 times quicker!

Website Installer

Start your own website with one click

Our cloud hosting packs provide you with a quick way to develop your very own site, even if you don’t possess any technical abilities. Using the Easy Web Site Installer included in the AB3 WEB, LLC Online Control Panel, developing your personal or business site is unbelievably easy – just choose the type of website you’d like and a desired web design layout. We’ll publish your brand new site right away and will give you info on how to control it with a simple click of the mouse.

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