If you use a mailing list to touch base with some or all of the users/visitors on your site on a regular basis, its subscribers are frequently called mailing list members. They need to subscribe and to express their consent to receive automatic emails. You can add mailing list members manually too, in case the mailing list manager that you make use of to manage the list permits this. In accordance with the commonly accepted policies, a mailing list member should be able to unsubscribe at any time. You, as the administrator, can also delete members if they should not get emails for any reason. The email messages that each mailing list member receives will have just one address in the "To" section, not the addresses of all the mailing list members.

Mailing List Members in Hosting

Administering the members of any Internet mailing list created under a hosting account with our company is incredibly easy. We use a feature-laden piece of software called Majordomo – one of the most popular mailing list client apps for creating and administering mailing lists out there. It will permit you to include, to delete or to view all the subscribers by simply sending an email to majordomo@your-domain.com. Freshly included members have to confirm their subscription, so you cannot simply enter a mailbox and begin sending periodic email messages to it through a mailing list without the user’s categorical permission. In case you come across any problems, we have a comprehensive instructional article in the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that comes with every shared hosting account, as well as a 24/7 tech support staff, which will assist you with any questions with regards to the mailing list features.

Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, there is no limit on the number of mailing list subscribers that you can add. You can manage the subscriptions with ease using the Majordomo mailing list management software that we provide with every account and once you set up a brand-new mailing list through the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to approve new users. The latter will get an email in order to verify that they don’t mind receiving your newsletters in the future and the moment they do this, they will be added to the mailing list. Removing a mailing list member or seeing all current mailing list subscribers is also rather easy and involves sending an email to the mailing list’s administrator address, so you can administer everything even if you aren’t logged in to your hosting Control Panel. We’ve also got help articles with valuable info.